Coldplay’s New Single: Every Teardrop is a Waterfall

He hears the music, he feels his heart beating, he feels the rhythm and oh my, the kids are dancing? Loud Music!? Heartbeats!? Dancing!? Wow these lyrics are so unoriginal and creative and unlike anything else on the radio. The only thing that could make lyrics like that better is an awesome repetitive club beat! OH WAIT? What? That’s there too!? Even an oscillating bass! Kind of like that cool popular new thing called dubstep!? And my god the overly vamped, repetitive chord progressions and guitar melody.

I actually think this song is an improvement over ‘Viva la Vida…’ I recently wrote Coldplay is a band in decline. Still think so. Again, it’s an improvement but I mean come on.

That song just can’t compare to something like this…

I mean seriously, ‘Shiver’ is such a dirty song. Everything on ‘Parachutes’ is.

An and once again, just as with their last album, their latest slew of releases hasn’t come without it’s slew of plagiarism complaints.

I refuse to offer new Coldplay music for download on this website, posting it to listen to is bad enough, however, here’s ‘Parachutes’.

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