Gil Scott-Heron Found Dead at 62

Legendary musician and revolutionary poet Gil Scott-Heron was found in his apartment dead on May, 27. The cause of death has not been announced. Scott-Heron is considered to be a forefather of hip-hop, and has achieved a cult following across a number of music and poetry circles for his work.

The artist suffered from severe drug addiction and released only one album between 1982 and 2010. In a recent interview in Scott-Heron’s cramped Harlem apartment he openly smoked crack and occasionally fell asleep during the interview. Despite his severe addiction he has performed recently as well as released an album recently.

I actually sat down last night and thought wow, I haven’t listened to Gil Scott-Heron in a while. I put on ‘Pieces of a Man’ before I went to bed and gave it a better listen then I ever really had. Kind of strange to wake up the next morning and see a headline saying he was found dead.

Lady Day and John Coltrane – Gil Scott-Heron

My Cloud ft. Jamie XX – Gil Scott-Heron

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