Has Wiz Khalifa Been Kidnapped and Replaced By An Evil, Really Bad Rapper?

Been listening to new Wiz Khalifa, hoping just maybe I could find something I could stand to listen to. Sadly he has just become a prime and perfect example of an artist ruined by a major label contract. After listening to his recent music, I found that all my favorite new Wiz Khalifa songs were songs that featured guest rappers more then him. Pretty sad huh?

I don’t get how a rapper can change as much as him, or how fans of his don’t recognize the change, because I can’t imagine someone listening to his independents release ‘Show and Prove’ and then listening to ‘Rolling Papers’ and even considering ‘Rolling Papers’ to be anywhere close to as good. ‘Rolling Papers’ is a fraction of an insignificant portion of his earlier work, its nothing at all, just a bunch of bad music.

Stay in Your Lane – Wiz Khalifa

Pittsburgh Sound – Wiz Khalifa

No comparison. Wiz Khalifa worked hard until he saw a bit of cash flow, then he sat back, started fill his wallet, backing his papers, and ignoring his music.

Your new love songs and that rusty piss stain in your hair aren’t gangster Wiz.

Appreciate some real Wiz Khalifa. Reminisce about the days when he was an actual rapper. Download ‘Show and Prove’, support the real Wiz, because obviously the guy who released ‘Rolling Papers’ isn’t him. I’m actually endorsing a new theory, Wiz Khalifa has been kidnapped and replaced by an extremely boring, sleek, mainstream replacement in order to play it on the mainstream’s safe side. Bring back the real Wiz!

One Comment on “Has Wiz Khalifa Been Kidnapped and Replaced By An Evil, Really Bad Rapper?”

  1. Kid Ro says:

    I believe any rapper that sees a million dollar contract infront of him is going to change. I mean, why wouldnt they? Most rappers came from the slums, had an unfortunate lifestyle. Now they can live how they’ve always wanted too. I do believe what you are saying, but I still think the new Khalifa is fine.

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