Zero Deck

I’m at work, chillin’, looking at the artists who follow tunegrape on twitter right now. That’s how I found Shad Robinson, and it’s also how I found these guys, Zero Deck. They’re a pretty typical alternative skate punkish kind of band, but they’re entertaining. I’d like a little more passion and energy in the vocals, but still, they entertain me, they have a pretty solid sound that I think they can build on and improve in the future. If you’re into this kind of music, keep an eye out for them.

A lot of tunegrape’s followers are musicians, most likely looking for a review, some attention, whatever. I have no idea why they think following tunegrape, but then never tweeting at the tunegrape twitter, or making any effort to make contact at all, will get them a review. Attention: Future artists who think you’ll get a review by simply clicking follow on Twitter. It’s possible I’ll spot you one day, like today, but for the most part, I probably won’t notice you, unless you make me notice you. That’s how you get discovered. You make the effort to be discovered. This blog isn’t the biggest in the world, but you must be following it for a reason. Contact us. If you’re good, cool, you’ll get a post.

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