Coldplay Is Definitely a Band in Decline

Is it just me or is Coldplay not the iconic superstar pop group they once were? Probably a combination of the euro-trash-techno-club-monotone devolution of the mainstream pop aesthetic, as well as the fact that Viva la whatever that album was pretty much sucked, and I don’t have high hopes for future Coldplay. Personally I think Chris Martin should take some time off to record some stripped down acoustic/piano based tracks and see what happens. Could be some solid therapy, and a good change of direction, cause the band has never achieved the sound that they achieved on their debut, ‘Parachutes’. From the paranoid and haunting atmosphere of ‘Spies’ to the simplistic beauty of ‘Don’t Panic’, that album is just a classic album in pop music. Just straight up solid guitar based pop music that you just don’t hear anymore.

Spies – Coldplay

Don’t Panic – Coldplay

Download Parachutes

7 Comments on “Coldplay Is Definitely a Band in Decline”

  1. david says:

    Its just you
    Look for their new songs on youtube
    charlie brown is new. Catchy as hell.guitar driven and very upbeat.
    I was surprised too,..

  2. Menna says:

    Coldplay will never be in a decline!!!!!

  3. Lydia says:

    This is the most STUPID thing I have ever read…

  4. carmen says:

    Who are you?
    I’ve never met anyone so wrong about something before.
    Go back to your cave.

  5. Lorena Chavez says:

    Los Amo Sin Importar Aqello Qe Piensen DeEllos

  6. Tina says:

    You’re crazy! Coldplay will never go into decline! Their albums are the best, from Parachutes to Mylo Xyloto! Don’t know what you’re listening to buddy. Everyone’s right! This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard! Quit saying dumb stuff like this!

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