Where is Earl? Apparently He’s in Samoa

It seems the most lyrically gifted, mysterious secret weapon of the Odd Future crew, Earl Sweatshirt, has been found. Thanks to a suggestion from a reader, and some quick Google research, I found an article which details how Complex magazine had tracked down and found Earl in Somoa.

Earl, who’s real name is Thebe Kgositsile, was found by Complex after a hint about his location was dropped in a recently released track by Domo Genesis and Hodgy Beats in which they state they are headed to free Earl form the Samoans. Shortly afterward Complex began digging up details, and eventually found a picture of students at the Coral Reef Academy, an academy for at risk boys, with Earl smiling right in the middle of the group of boys. It is pretty much an understood fact among all ‘Earl is in military school/boarding school/something like that theorists’ that Earl had been sent away  by his mother because of his graphic and violent lyrics.

At first Tyler, the Creator denied it was Earl, and seemed angry people were trying so hard to find Earl. After several other OF members confirmed Earl had been discovered however, Tyler gave in. He has stated that Earl Sweatshirt will return to music after he gets out of Coral Reef Academy, and that upon his return OFWGKTA will “rule the world”.

Earl is undoubtedly the most lyrically gifted member of OF. He delivers highly complex rhyming schemes with a smooth and unbelievable flow. His lyrics are ultraviolent, misogynistic, but intelligent, and humorous. His debut, ‘Earl’, which was released when the rapper was only 16, has drawn comparisons to Nas’ legendary debut, ‘Illmatic’.

Wakeupfaggot/Luper – Earl Sweatshirt

epaR – Earl Sweatshirt

‘Tang Golf’, the Hodgy Beats and Domo Genesis track which dropped the hint that Earl was in Samoa.

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