Smoking Music

In true smoking fashion, I’m late to this post for 4/20. I saw a bunch of blogs post the best songs about weed. Personally I say forget that, just cause a song is about weed doesn’t mean its fun to listen to high. Here’s a couple tunes to check whenever you’re not low.

Bassnectar is one of the few dubstep artists who still makes dubstep that isn’t annoying and repetitive. While personally I think most of the genre has pretty much lost its appeal, Bassnectar remains on top of his game. Helps that I’m seeing him Saturday.

It doesn’t get much more stoner then this.

This song will represent every Bob Marley and Pete Tosh song ever recorded.

I first heard this song while absolutely gone, off in another world. I was amazed.

It’s like the first time every time you hear this song. Sure its not as upbeat or happy as your typical 4/20 music, but it is probably one of the greatest tracks ever written, and demands respect no matter what your state of mind.

And this beat is fire.

This list could go on forever.  But it won’t. These are just examples. Considering how high you probably are, you’ll get distracted before you even get to this portion of the post anyway. peace

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