Some Hypem Highlights

Could this weekend be any better? Beautiful weather, the Knicks and the Rangers in the playoffs, amazing music coming out left and right, (Tate Tucker, Death Cab for Cutie, Beastie Boys etc.).Before I head outside to enjoy the weather, I figured I’d browse Hypem and drop some good tracks on here.

The Cunninlynguists’ ‘Oneirology’ is a concept album about dreaming. The song ‘Stars Shine Brightest’ reflects that theme, with dreamy and atmospheric textures. Listen to the thought-provoking rap here. describes Maps & Atlases’ new free download ‘Israeli Caves’ as beach pop, and I couldn’t think of a better way to describe it. The laid back ‘oohs’ and ‘lahs’ and sunny guitar are much different then my previous, short lived brushes with the band. Download it here.

Where did this dude come from!? Edgar Allan Floe!? You can’t beat that name. You just can’t. When you back up that name with talent, you got something going. Download the 2006 release ‘Almighty Floe’ here.

Xaphoon Jones has released his second mixtape, the first track, a Jackson 5, Passion Pit mix, is poppy and wonderful. Love Xaphoon, such a creative and eclectic producer. Get the new mixtape here.

Iceland can do no wrong. Musically speaking, I’m pretty sure Iceland is my all time favorite country. Why can’t we, in America, take a look at their pop music, compare it to our pop music, then set up a mob and kill all the musicians we revere here in America and allow for an Icelandic music takeover. This song, ‘Little Talks’ by Of Monsters and Men, is a great example of what Icelandic music is all about.

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