Hoodoo Man Blues

I was told earlier today it would be a good idea to write up something about Junior Well’s Chicago blues classic, ‘Hoodoo Man Blues’. The album was recorded by Wells, along with guitarist Buddy Guy, bassist Jack Meyers and drummer Billy Warren in 1965.

Hoodoo Man Blues Cover

The smoky, raw, proto-rock blues rhythms and progressions, with a thin pencil guitar attack, occasional wired through an organ speaker instead of guitar amp, the lo-fi harmonica solos and make for some cool, dirty, upbeat Chicago blues.

The album is considered to be, one of the greatest blues albums ever recorded, and for good reasons. While giving the album a good listen through, it’s easy to recognize the influence it has had on other artists. On one track you may hear some Hendrix, on another some Black Keys, or maybe some White Stripes.

The fact that the album remains relevant through it’s influence on more contemporary artists like the Black Keys, gives the music a tone, and theme, that’s still easy to relate to today, despite the fact that the album was recorded in the mid-60s, and if of a genre that reaches even further back in time.

‘Hoodoo Man Blues’ is an absolute classic, it rocks hard, tinged in dark, beer pitcher, party, womanizing, smoky Chicago blues. It’s undeniable.

Early in the Morning – Junior Wells’ Chicago Blues Band

Good Morning Schoolgirl – Junior Wells’ Chicago Blues Band

Ships On the Ocean – Junior Wells’ Chicago Blues Band

Download ‘Hoodoo Man Blues’


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