Lyricist Comes to Britney Spears’ Defense

Lyricist, Heather Bright, who wrote a track for Britney Spears’ latest release, recently defended Spears after she came under criticism for not writing any of the songs on her album. Now I don’t think Spears deserves to be defended, because she did nothing but sell her teenage body in music videos for a couple of years until she became famous enough that even her erratic, and ugly behavior has become acceptable.

She has no musical talent, well maybe she can sing, but I don’t plan on ever seeing her live, and I can guarantee the voice you hear on the album was altered in the studio. Bright acknowledged that Spears didn’t write her own songs, but came to her defense saying, that many artists in the business take credit for songs they never wrote. While Spears’ album credits something like 22 songwriters, none of which include her, most artists steal all the credit, fame and money according to Bright.

Maybe I can respect Spears a bit after reading this post, at least she can admit that she did nothing, unlike most artists. Check out Bright’s blog post here. Bright is a lyricist who has worked with artists such as Usher, Britney Spears and Ashley Tisdale among many others.

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