Kurt Cobain

Today is the day coroners say Kurt Cobain died, 17 years ago. The man who changed music, and ushered in a new era of grungy and rebellious heavy rock music.

Cobain struggled with depression and extreme stomach pains throughout his life. He self-medicated his health problems with drugs, such as heroin, and constantly struggled with the fame he was thrust into.

One April, 8, 1994 the 27-year-old singer’s body was found with a shotgun wound to the face, in his home. The circumstance’s of his death remain controversial to this day, although it has been officially ruled a suicide.

It wasn’t as much about the technicality of his music, or his talents, because it really wasn’t the most complex music. Most of Nirvana’s music was pretty simplistic.

It was the attitude, the passion and the pain, the reality of his music. At a time when glam and hairspray and glitter and tight leather were all the rage, here came this heavy metal, punk kid who spent his teenage years in dozens of houses and living under a bridge, who was into fetal imagery and hard drugs and rebellion. It was real. It sounded good. It was heavy, it touched upon so much more then a surface listen can reveal. It was real music.

Cobain is a legend in music, and will likely forever be remembered as one of the most important musical icons of the 20th century.

One Comment on “Kurt Cobain”

  1. Courtney says:

    gotta jam out to nirvana today

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