Nine Types of Light Leak


Nine Types of Light Cover Art

TV on the Radio’s ‘Nine Types of Light’ was leaked and as I give it a first listen now I can positively say they, once again did not disappoint. The album has a subdued sound to it, quiet and laid back for the most part. There’s a funky groove throughout, and on songs like ‘No Future Shock’ they do get a bit wild and fun, but for the most part the album is quieter, for example the sunny, mostly acoustic number ‘Killer Crane’ with deep strings and what sounds like a slowly plucked banjo accompanying the guitar and Tunde Adebimpe’s vocals.

The unbelievably consistent and eclectic Brooklyn band has done it yet again with Nine Types of Light. They’ve brought a whole new arsenal of sound with them as well. There are sounds that stand out on this album that you’ve probably never heard before on a TV on the Radio album.

Overall it seems a calm has come over the band. Although they have expanded their sound, they’ve done so in a smooth and relaxed way, as if they allowed the music to simply flow through them. I’ve always been a huge TV on the Radio and this album does nothing but further solidify my love for the music this group makes. I’d be more then glad to let this album wash over me anytime.

For those who would like to buy the album, it is set for release on April 12th by Interscope Records.

‘Nine Types of Light’ – TV on the Radio Leak

Will Do – TV on the Radio

Here is one of the louder songs on the album…

Caffeinated Consciousness – TV on the Radio

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