I Stopped Caring in ’96 First Bundle Released Free Today

K. Flay has released the first bundle of three throughout the month of April, which will make up her latest mixtape, ‘I Stopped Caring in ’96’. Each bundle will carry with it different moods and lyrical themes, and the first, ‘I Feel Nothing’ seems rooted in apathy, and a dark feeling of emptiness.

In addition to a few tracks, each bundle will also contain a music video and photo series. ‘I Feel Nothing’ contains samples from ESG, the XX as well as Alex Clare. The dual psychology-sociology major Stanford graduate often delves into her psyche as well as that of the general population as a lyrical theme, and this mixtape seems to be no different.

The titles for the next two bundles in the mixtape, ‘I Feel Everything’ and ‘Everything is Nothing’ imply she plans to explore her life from a couple different standpoints with each mixtape. Don’t get worried though, she hasn’t completely lost her sense of lightheartedness.

You can find the mixtape here.

Less Than Zero – K. Flay

Carry On – K. Flay

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