A Quick Look at Cody ChesnuTT

Ever wonder how the 2.0 factors into the Root’s song ‘The Seed (2.0)’?

Cody ChesnuTT

Cody ChesnuTT is the answer. You can see his name in the songs titled, which often carries a ft. Cody ChesnuTT credit with it, but in reality, the song doesn’t feature Cody ChesnuTT as much as it reworks his track, ‘The Seed’.

The Seed (BBC Session) – Cody ChesnuTT

ChesnuTT’s 2002 debut, ‘The Headphone Masterpiece’, was a recorded on a 4-track tape recorder in his home, and quickly had a brush with mainstream success when the song ‘The Seed’ was used by the Roots, something they would later do with ‘Dear God (2.0)’, a Monsters of Folk rework.

Since his emergence onto the scene Cody ChesnuTT has been talked about as an exciting force in music among professional musicians, including Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, despite never really achieving the success he found with ‘The Seed’. He’s kind of like on of those rappers that people call “your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper”, except he’s not a rapper at all, and sticks more to lo-fi soul, acoustic, and funk music.

Check out some more of Cody ChestnuTT’s music below.

Everybody’s Brother – Cody ChesnuTT

My Women, My Guitars – Cody ChesnuTT

Here’s an interview with Cody ChesnuTT from thefader.com. His next album ‘Landing on A Hundred’ is set for release sometime in 2011.



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