Incubus Completes New Material, Set for Release in August or September


Since when was Brandon Boyd so old looking?

I’m probably kind of late to this…well actually, I am late to this, but whatever. Incubus announced about a week ago or something like that, that their latest studio album has been completed, and is set for an August/September release date. Boyd has stated that the album will be different then anything then ever done before, which doesn’t shock me, considering each new album is a huge departure from the previous. Maybe that isn’t apparent to the casual fan, and considering how I’m an Incubus obsessive, I just assume everyone knows that they are one of the few contemporary rock bands to incorporate evolution into the songwriting process. Or maybe Boyd is just stating the obvious?

Whatever. All that really matters, is Incubus is releasing new material. Let me repeat that, because I know if I was reading this blog, I’d want to read that sentence twice, just because those words get me higher then an eighth straight to the face — Incubus is releasing new material late summer/early fall.

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