Graphic, Obscene, and Damn Good, Tyler the Creator

I’ve been seeing Tyler the Creator’s name popping up in a few places, so I figure now is the time to write about him before he either fades away back into obscurity or blows up to the point of exasperation. Because of his lyrical style, I can see him having some hits, but I think he will be a cult icon more then anything. I do think he is one of the best of the whole shock/horror/porn rap kind of scene, and he’s just blowing up, so he has years ahead to hone his talent.


Tyler the Creator

At 20, Tyler and his brother Earl Sweatshirt, along with their crew, OFWGKTA, have been making a name for themselves releasing tracks out of their hometown of Los Angeles. Tyler’s previous album, Bastard, is pretty good, and on DatPiff. It’s worth a listen before checking out his next release, due to drop in April, Goblin.

Lyrically, he is graphic, misogynistic and surreal. While his subject matter might turn some off, the way he ties the lines of his verses together with intricate and wordplay and imagery is amazing. Besides that, one only has to hear the beats, which consist of a laid back, scratchy feel about as surreal as his lyrics, are fitting and catchy.

I Follow You (Tyler the Creator Mix) – Lykke Li Download

Here’s the song that has been receiving so much attention lately, “Yonkers”:

Yonkers – Tyler the Creator


AssMilk ft. Earl Sweatshirt – Tyler the Creator

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