Congratulations Remix EP

I’m listening to the Congratulations Remix EP for the first time right now and so far I am very impressed.

First I checked out Cornelius’ remix of Brian Eno. His quirky production shines through with on off-kilter piano rework of the song’s guitars and his typical sound effects. Cornelius is never one to disappoint and his bouncy, clap heavy remix works wonderfully.

Now I am in the midst of Erol Alkan’s remix of Congratulations. This funk heavy gem is yet another flooring and impressive track. From the heavy, rhythmic, pounding bassline to the funky keyboards and quick strum guitars this track is the kind of song Justice draws on to create their sound, except more pure and straight funky.

Finally I am ending with Ed Banger All Star’s remix of Siberian Breaks. This is unbelievable. Just as the original did, this song transitions between genres often and flawlessly. From haunting folk and pop, to disco-y dance, to funk and hip-hop, soothing guitars and heavy reverb, rhythmic bass and dirty 16-bit synths, this track has it all.

This Remix EP goes down as a classic. If I had to rate it out of 5, I’d give it a full 5, maybe a 4.5 if I’m in a conservative mood. But seriously worth the listen, this Remix EP has re-peaked my interest in MGMT.

Congratulations Remix EP


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