Wiz and Snoop

An interesting consequence of blogging, not my blogging, or this blog, but blogging in general, is that in the future, or even now for some, you will be able to track an entire artist’s career by blogs. By going backwards through archives, even the archives of one blog, an entire career can unravel before you. Hey, thats actually a cool idea, a wikipedia, allmusic.com sort of website, mixed with hypem. aggregate blogs to track artist’s careers, don’t steal that.

Anyway, back to the reason I thought of that idea in the first place. Wiz Khalifa will be someone you can track through blogs one day. I feel its really getting to that time now, where artist’s careers can really unfold before my eyes because a lot of them are around my age. Yeah, Wiz is probably like 5 years older then me, but still close enough where I watched him come to fame through his mixtapes, I’m awaiting his album. I’ve seen his highs and lows and I will see many more highs and many more lows. Highs? “That Kid Frankie”, Lows? that remix of “Black and Yellow” with T-Pain. That remix was terrible.

I was reluctant to listen to “Young, Wild & Free” because of that remix. I was scared of another sell out being created in front of me. I was pleasantly surprised to hear the track was actually good, and a great summer jam. I’ve come to accept Wiz isn’t lyrically advanced as I once thought when I first discovered him and immersed myself in everything Khalifa. Looking past that though, the chorus kind of reminds me of “Young Folks”, weird? A laid back piano melody dominates, topped with the usual Wiz flow and lyrics as well as some Snoop.

Young, Wild & Free ft. Snoop Dogg – Wiz Khalifa



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