On the Might of Princes & Texas is the Reason

Here’s a little dose of mid-90s and early 2000s emo/alternative music. I grew up educating myself on the early emocore scene as I grew more enamored with early punk and hardcore and increasingly unsatisfied with the so called “emo” scene that had evolved during my teenage years.

First is a cornerstone of the mid-90s emocore movement, a band on which the template for many emo and indie bands have been based over the years, Texas is the Reason. A legendary band in their respective scene, they combined introspective lyrics with melody, and continued to drive emocore further from its hardcore roots. Their 1996 album, “Do You Know Who You Are?” is considered a standard in the 90s emo scene.


Texas is the Reason

“Do You Know Who You Are?” – Texas is the Reason

Next is one of my favorite bands to have hailed from my own home of Long Island, New York, On the Might of Princes. While they did not originate the screamo movement, which was molded earlier through the likes of bands such as Saetia and Rites of Spring (the influential band of Fugazi guitarist Guy Picciotto), they did perfect the style before it blew up into the mainstream. Their combination of quiet-loud dynamics, melody, and sing to scream vocals created a complex soundscape. They may not be as widely known and revered as many of their peers, but On the Might of Princes was, at least in my opinion, an extremely important stepping stone in the movement of emocore as well as screamo music.

On The Might of Princes Performing Live

“Sirens” – On the Might of Princes

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