Three Best Artists In The Game

The music industry is in a state of decay, we all know that just read this blog. We need to switch over to something like the Privateer System in order to have a thriving industry, one in which bands with real talent take center stage. In these desperate times though, a few artists stand out to me. I have posted about each of these artists in the past, emphasized each of their talents and recommended a listen. Tonight I’m gonna lay it out for you, what I think are the three biggest talents to watch in the industry.

I know this is a big statement, the three biggest talents in the entire music industry, but I stand by this statement. I believe the following artists have the potential to save the music industry, to bring it back to a former glory. Of course more is needed then good music, an alternate industry in general is step one towards a thriving music universe. These artists however, should be the artists on the cusp of the musical revolution, which is bound to occur soon with all of the possibilities emerging this year.


Holing Out – Yuck

The Wall – Yuck

Esperanza Spalding

I Know You Know – Esperanza Spalding

Little Fly – Esperanza Spalding

Kendrick Lamar

The Heart, Pt. 1 – Kendrick Lamar

Growing Apart – Kendrick Lamar


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