Adele’s “21” is Haunting & Inspired

English singer-songwriter Adele has done it again with her new album “21,” which is sure to get its fair share of Grammy nods.

Echoing the sound off her first album “19,” Adele brings her own brand of neo-soul to her sophomore release with a depth and maturity that fans and new listeners can appreciate.

“It’s different from 19 — it’s about the same things but in a different light,” explains Adele. “I deal with things differently now.  I’m more patient, more honest, more forgiving and more aware of my own flaws, habits and principles – something that comes with age I think.”

“21” is a penetrating narrative of the human condition, focused specifically on heartbreak.  “It’s a breakup record,” she says.  “One big breakup.”

Adele tackles her new breakup record with the same sultry, soulful vocals she’s known for.  Only this time, she incorporates influences of country, gospel and blues into her music.  Not a far cry from the aesthetics of her first album, but an indicator of musical growth nonetheless.

As far as the spectrum of heartbreak goes, Adele seems to cover it all in “21.”  Tracks range from mournful piano ballads such as “Someone Like You,” to tales of a woman scorned, like her first single “Rolling In the Deep.”  With lyrics like “Think of me in the depths of your despair,” it’s easy to respect the sass.

Adele’s sophomore album “21” doesn’t drop in the U.S. until Feb. 22, 2011, but you can stream her whole album here.

By Courtney Flynn

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