Yuck Brings Music Back to Reality

Okay, so I just wrote about the break up of an iconic band, the White Stripes, and now it is time to introduce my new favorite rock band, Yuck. This UK indie band brings back the spirit of 90s, rushing through in scratchy vocals, heavy basslines, walls of guitar and waves of distortion. The band recalls a more diverse Silversun Pickups. While Silversun Pickups brought back the spirit of Smashing Pumpkins and My Bloody Valentine beautifully, and I love their music, Yuck brings a whole new level of diversity to their craft. Dedicated students of 90s alternative and indie music, they seem to recall the sounds of Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Dinosaur Jr., and Pavement perfectly.


I think a new wave of 90s music is just what we need. Think about it, the music industry was tailspinning out of control when this new wave of alternative and indie rock hit the scene, took over the mainstream and brought about a wave of amazing music. Everyone was tired of that whole glam rock scene, all fake lifestyles, the fake clothing, the unreal music. People just grew tired of it. The industry was going through format transition as well and rushing for something new.

We’re in that same situation now, fake music has taken over the mainstream and threatens to completely hypnotize the global consciousness of music as we know it, possibly. I’m actually not that negative about the music scene but you get it. The music industry is scrambling to catch up with a new money making scheme. Slews of new indie bands are entering the scene with direct-to-fan marketing schemes as well as other alternate models and making a decent living that way. Here comes bands like Yuck, challenging the mainstream with music that real, just like the predecessors did decades before. They’re using marketing schemes that are making them money, they’re challenging the monotonous sounds that have taken over mainstream music. This is just what we need. A jolt to the adrenaline system, a new wave of rock music conquering the charts. The likes of bands like Mogwai and Yuck bring real music back to the scene.

Georgia – Yuck


Killing All The Flies – Mogwai

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