Glitch Mob Acknowledges White Stripes With Remix

The White Stripes recently broke up. Jack White, who now owns a record label as well as a record shop which hosts local bands in Nashville, recently stated that he and Meg White had done everything that they could do with the White Stripes and it was time to call it quits. In honor of the White Stripes, one of the great rock bands in the history of rock, and I won’t lie, if not the White Stripes, Jack White himself is without a doubt a future candidate for the Music Hall of Fame and I say that without doubt.  That man had, and still having a permanent effect on music.

Meg White & Jack White of the White Stripes

In honor of the legendary band’s historic run, glitch electronica group Glitch Mob made a remix of the song Seven Nation Army, which features Jack White’s iconic bass mimicking guitar riff casually created during a rehearsal. That song was hard as rock could be. I’m not a metal fan, well I like some metal, but in general, no death metal, I don’t listen to Metallica or really most of those kinds of metal or thrash bands. But when it comes down to it, blues is hard, fuck metal, metal would not exist without blues foundation. Blues is hard. The White Stripes, they took blues, country, folk, pop and punk and mixed it together and when they put together Seven Nation Army they had an instant hit and an iconic song representative of a generation of music.

Glitch Mob does a decent job of a remix, while the original was hard as far as blues goes, the remix hard as far as electronica goes. It sticks to the original formula, but I think thats a good thing, why stray to far from a classic? You can never really improve, just add your own touch, to a song like that. The Glitch Mob definitely added their own touch on this one.

Seven Nation Army (Glitch Mob Remix) – White Stripes

In other news, check out this insane mashup of The xx’s Shelter and deadmau5’s song I Remember ft. Kaskade. Caspa did an insane remix of I Remember back in the day, still one of my all time favorite dubstep songs. This song works great as a housish deadmau5 track layered with Romy Madley Croft’s haunting vocals.


I Remember (Caspa Remix) – deadmau5



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