Kendrick Lamar, A Legend.

Ight, my man Kendrick Lamar is killin it. Seriously, I downloaded O.verly D.edicated today from and I’m giving it a first listen right now. I’m on the fourth track right now. He is so good I’m dropping a twitter link in here just so you twitter people out there can jam on that,!/kendrick_lamar  . I’m gonna drop a quote from my man Abstract here, “, i believe u to man, his beat selection is impeccable, his flows dirty, and his subject matter is real as fuck”. It’s true, a great example of his subject matter is Cut You Off. In that song he describes the negative vibes people are throwing at him by discussing rumors about pregnancies and murders, rims and gangs. I can imagine him dropping a great verse on a smooth Roots tune, or a Common track, some laid back jam from way back or something.


Cover Art for O.verly D.edicated from

O.verly D.edicated on DatPiff

At the same time though he can easily flip the other way and drop a great brag track such as Michael Jordan ft. Schoolboy Q. Kendrick Lamar can easily be something big in the future and should be. He is an amazing artist, when commenting on his to a friend of mine who helped me discover him, I described him as a legend. I guarantee, in the future, he will be. If he isn’t, I’ve lost faith in people’s understanding of music.


Interview with Kendrick Lamar on

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