Compton Rapper Kendrick Lamar Represents Rap in a New Light

Kendrick Lamar is spitting some of the best lyrics and flows I’ve heard out of the West Coast in a long time. His down to Earth, realistic rhymes portray his life growing up in Compton in a positive light. He discusses his aspirations, the people he cares about, the things he likes and dislikes about the people around him. His lyricism represents a rebirth of rap, not as boasts, shouts, chants, and materialistic megalomania, but as the form of poetry which has at times shined above the ugly surface, but for the most part remains out of view. Over smooth melodic instrumentations he raps “I’m tryin to learn something new/I’m tryin to better my chances at becoming a star/I’m tryina feel the vibe with Mona Lisa studyin art/Now paint that picture.” This is someone who communicates to us lyrics that we can relate to. If Kendrick Lamar never gets the attention he deserves, as a respected, well known rapper who is immediately understood to be infinitely more talented then the likes of Lil’ Wayne, I’ll start a bloody revolution within the music industry.

Cut You Off- Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar\’s eponymous mixtape.

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