>Some Ellie Goulding Dubstep, and a Look at Dr. Dre’s Long Awaited Detox


Filthy dubstep time, get your subs up, crank the bass, bump the volume. I don’t know if you have heard of Ellie Goulding, but she is one of the more talented up and coming artists out of England. She’s a young singer who’s into an alternative version of the whole electro-pop-girls things a la Katy Perry meets intelligence, raw talent and a deeper understanding of music. That happens to be my problem with Ellie Goulding though, I don’t think her voice meshes as well with that sound as it does with simply an acoustic guitar. She should really go in a more folk direction, or something like that. But her voice does work on this dubstep remix of her song Lights…

That songs sure to get your cool and alternative dubstep-centric parties bumping hard as ever. As for nursing your massive tequila, cheap vodka and budlight hangover, here’s Ellie Goulding at her best…
Here’s a treat, another great combination of female vocals and dubstep sounds, Katy on a Mission – Katy B
Ellie Goulding is full of potential and bursting with pure talent. Her voice is raw, tainted with a touch of rasp, yet controlled. I’d love it if she took a folk poppy direction, an acoustic guitar and a drum machine. A piano as well. That’d be perfect, I rarely listen to her studio album but enjoy her live stuff all the time.
In other music news, Dr. Dre has gone the way of Eminem, and turned to pop as a vehicle for his musical endeavors. The song starts out with a promising, minimalist hook over a piano sung by Skylar Grey. I can respect that, I mean at least he didn’t do something like get Rihanna to sing it or something typical like that. I can’t bare to listen to her sing another hook. The rock style drum beat behind the song is pretty cool and adds a good touch to the track. They’re loud and overpower the synth riff a little, a synth riff which is pretty cool, but nothing absolutely amazing. My huge problem with the track is Eminem, lets face it, without drugs and alcohol and pain his rants seem empty, and controlled by the wrong people. Lyrically he has become an icon and now he’s playing into it and its all going wrong. I can hardly sit through his verses, which dominate the track. Then Dr. Dre comes in as the track builds towards a climax and again, nothing amazing. I mean come on man, you were the foundation of the g-funk error of rap, an originator in the west coast rap prominence, and you’re buying in to his pop nonsense. When this track gets played out in the radio bars and clubs, which it will, you will grow tired of it. I’m not impressed. 

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