>Fleet Foxes First Single, "Helplessness Blues", Shows the World is in Store for Another Successful Fleet Foxes Record

>Helplessness Blues celebrates the repetitive aspects of human nature. Singer Robin Peckhold declares that although he was raised to think he was unique and different, he is comfortable with being just a cog in the machine. He is finding comfort in the fact that he is simply a human being. Now this celebration of normalcy is coming from Fleet Foxes, who are following up their highly successful and critically acclaimed second album, Sun Giant. The song seems split into two parts, initially powered by the fast paced strum of of acoustic guitar chords, which later give way to the rhythm section, along with a less prominent, guitar pedal laden guitar. A comforting and masterfully put together example of folk as well as an interesting song lyrically. Peckhold ends the song with the simple line, “Someday I’ll be like the man on the screen.” Well Mr. Peckhold, you may not be the man on the screen, but you are the man who is soon to be on the radio and all over iTunes yet again. What Fleet Foxes gets out of their music is derivative of what they put in, pure talent.

Right Click to Download: Helplessness Blues – Fleet Foxes

Check in with Billboard to see where I stole the above picture from, read more about the upcoming release and peep some Fleet Foxes tour dates.

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