>DJ Abstract, Long Island Producer/DJ, Drops Yet Another Ill Track

>It takes years of hard work to create music of significance usually. Although you may see a debut album thats a masterpiece, like Nas or Jay-Z, it took years before Illmatic and Reasonable Doubt for both artists to hone their skills. Everyone probably knows someone musically inclined, who’s working towards that golden record, the one that will if not send them to the top, at least get them in the door. Some of these people are amazing, some suck. I’m here to focus on the former of course.

Falling (Feels Like I’m) – DJ Abstract
Need I do more then place that video in this song? This is Danny Maurasse. I might be breaking a cardinal rule in journalism by writing about someone I know, writing with a bias, but this is a blog, so who cares. Abstract needs to be heard,  I’ve been listening to the beats he’s been churning out on a regular basis for years. He’s not only talented, but a prolific producer who spends hours upon hours perfecting beats and honing his style. Talent, and hardwork, here is someone who deserves to get somewhere. The vocal sample is chopped and rearranged perfectly throughout the entire song in order to create a catchy loop that will be playing on repeat in your head all day. After a one minute modulated, atmospheric intro, the beat drops with stuttering kicks, claps and vocal loops. Over the vocal loops pitched up sitars and guitars strum to an ethereal effect. Everytime he puts out a beat, I’m beyond impressed and I think wow, this is the beat, this is insane, then a month or so later he hits me with another and I think the same thing all over again. Also half of Long Island rap group Dope  Tendencies, Danny, DJ Abstract, is heading in the right direction. He’s developed a recognizable style and is constantly evolving as a producer and DJ. Not only does he make beats, but he DJs parties as well. Abstract has everything, and he’s only getting better. He’s another hardworking DJ in a musical world where anyone can make a song, even me, but Abstract is set aside from most of those other DJs because of the work and talent he puts into every song. Its time people really start spreading the word about him, in order to get him where he deserves to be. 

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