>Diplo, Tiesto, Busta Rhymes Record a Song to be Featured on Jersey Shore


Busta Rhymes has been coming up huge lately; he delivered in a way only he could on Chris Brown’s Look at Me Now. Now he has a song with Diplo and Tiesto called C’mon (Catch ‘Em by Surprise). Busta does what he always does in this new club anthem, delivering yet another fast, fluid verse characterized by Busta Rhymes’ idiosyncratic flow. As for the beat behind the Busta, it sounds highly Tiesto. The heavy, pumping bass and dirty synths roaring over the song are heavily representative of the sound Tiesto has come to represent over the years. This gives me the feeling Diplo was around in order to help better adapt the track to Busta’s flow, given his extensive experience working with rappers. Not the most original or groundbreaking of tracks, but there’s no doubt in my mind it can easily be worked into any rave/club playlist seamlessly. Who can actually turn down a combination of Busta Rhymes, Tiesto and Diplo anyway? 
Plus, the song will be featured on Jersey Shore, as confirmed by Diplo himself on his twitter. 

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