>Get Through That Morning with Young the Giant

>The mornings crawling by, and snows falling, and I’m getting ready for the long commute to work, hoping music will bring me over the depressing horizon brought on by lack of sleep, and below freezing weather. This morning, after a brief bout of Sublime, I have left this task up to Young the Giant. I love a good hook in the morning, to latch on to, something to take with me into then day in order to give me that little boost. My musical caffeine. Young the Giant can do just that for me, always with a catchy hook to throw down, I can listen to I Got over, and over and over and over again. I Got is perfect for those dull mornings, where all you need is that extra little boost. When you need that musical goodness in the morning like nicotine in your veins, allow Young the Giant to warm you up, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

I Got – Young the Giant
My Body – Young the Giant

I Got  – Young the Giant
Rock is dying but its not dead yet….

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