>Chill Beats and Reggae Flows are the Ingredients


AmpLive is a DJ to know. Half of the group Zion I, as well as of Radiohead-Remix-Controversy fame, he has carved out a niche for himself marked by cool synths, futuristic sounds and lasers and chilled out vibes. He was almost sued by Radiohead’s former label after remixing a few tracks from the band, but Radiohead, who had recently released their album on the name your own price price scheme, as well as several internet groups, interfered and gave AmpLive permission to remix away. He brings a jazzy vibe to a futuristic array of synths and sound effects and can smoothly transition from one genre to another throughout Zion I’s albums. I just heard his remix of the Rebelution song, Safe and Sound, and it was more then enough to convince me to swing my mouse over to tunegrape.  Here is a little review of AmpLive’s career highlights in music…

Safe and Sound (AmpLive remix) – Rebelution
Nudez (AmpLive remix) – Radiohead
Coastin’ – Zion I ft. K. Flay
The Bay (remix) – Zion I
The Bay – Zion I

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