Alright, I’m not well educated on the cloud, I don’t know how most technology works, I can figure out some basics, but not too much. I know how to work things, but I don’t know how things work. So when I read about an app/website, where my entire music collection will be loaded into this cloud, and then streamed from anywhere, I was shocked. If I did happen to own and iPhone or Droid, I could stream my entire music collection from their, and I can also stream it from any computer as well, when I sign in to the Audiogalaxy website. My one problem with Audiogalaxy right now, its slow to scan. I’ve got about 21 artists scanned off of my computer and into the cloud and ready for stream right now. That is 21, out of over 1,300 artists, scanned. But hey, I get it, its a lot of music to scan, I’m cool, I’m at work I don’t need it all done right now. I just hope its done by tonight, so when I go out I can impress everyone with my false knowledge of how technology works by streaming my music from anywhere I go.


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