>Police Cover Up in Biggie Smalls’ Murder?


The presiding judge over the reopened case of the murder of rapper Christopher Wallace, Notorious BIG, Biggie Smalls, changed the course of the trial recently with a shocking announcement in court, calling a mistrial. She issued a statement that she believed the LAPD had covered up massive amounts of evidence in the trial, that implied the involvement of several rogue officers in the police force in the murder of Biggie Smalls. The hundreds of pages of evidence support the theory that officers were involved in the murder of the famous rapper, and orchestrated the feud between the East coast and West coast rap scene in order to place blame elsewhere. After an anonymous tip, the lockdown of a division of the LAPD and the stashing of hundreds of pages of evidence, the answer to the murder of Notorious BIG, and possibly his one time friend, Tupac, who would later become a figurehead of the West Coast, and Biggie’s coastal rival. Nick Broomfield directed a documentary which explored the rappers’ deaths, called Biggie and Tupac. The documentary explored the possibility of a police coverup and that is where I first heard of such a thing. Now to hear some pretty concrete evidence that the police orchestrated at least a piece of this terrible loss of life, the loss of two of the most respected names in the emerging genre of rap. This is insane, shocking, and a disappointing insight into the nature of humans. I have, for a very long time, stood by the fact that Biggie was, and still is the best in the game. I hope that very soon those responsible for his, and Tupac’s deaths are found.

A part of Broomfield’s documentary, featuring Big’s funeral procession. 

A showcase of Biggie’s freestyling abilities

An example of the darker side of Biggie’s story telling, Suicidal Thoughts

A different side of Big, and something to be recognized. One of his classics, Playa Hater

One Comment on “>Police Cover Up in Biggie Smalls’ Murder?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    >I personally disagree, I feel a homegrown long island rapper named BNeg maybe be the greatest of all time

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