>Thoughts on Car Commercial Music


Sigur Ros has joined the ranks of bands whored out to the automotive industry for catchy, sleek and attractive commercials featuring fresh and original music. I remember when I heard Janglin’ by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros in a car commercial I was shocked and disappointed. The band was a musical hippie cult born out of a pivotal 180 degree change by leader singer, Alex Ebert, formerly of Ima Robot (who had the minor, catchy hit, Creeps Me Out). How could you expect someone who denied all his mainstream success to form a giant hippie cult band to sell out to the automotive industry!? Then there is Sigur Ros, whom I love, and have loved for years. In Heima, a documentary which chronicles a series of free, anyone-can-join, shows across their home country of Iceland, the members of the band denounce mainstream success and the modern artist’s obsession with fame. I know, these days artists need new ways to collect an income. In the digital age tours seems to be the best way to make money, but many bands can’t tour enough, or don’t have enough fans to collect real tangible revenue from touring. Still, it really is shocking to see who is selling their music to commercial giants these days. It’s an understandable move, but a disappointment nonetheless. Not only this, but Sigur Ros apparently has a history of disputing song rights with companies, and claim certain companies including Audi have ripped off the Sigur Ros sound after being denied rights to songs. Well in the end, the sad part is, and I hate to admit it, for the most part, I like the songs featured in a good amount of car commercials. I guess good music fits well in car commercials.

Light of the Morning – Band of Skulls, used in a 2011 Mustang commercial

Jangling – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, used for the 2011 Ford Fiesta
I have spent about an hour trying to find the Sigur Ros song featured in the car commercial I saw constantly up until writing this blog post, I have yet to see it since. For all I know as of now, I can be wrong about Sigur Ros, and this could be another “copycat” attempt at creating a Sigur Ros-esque sound for a car commercial. It sounded alot like them though, and I will continue to try and get to the bottom of this mystery. When I do, I’ll make sure to put the answer on tunegrape. For now, here is another Sigur Ros song, one of their live performances from Heima…

Whored out to the automotive industry or not, you can not deny that Sigur Ros has reached the epitome of power, beauty and atmosphere in their music. 

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