>The Rawth EP


Here comes another post about Asher Roth, so let me just clarify, I’m not a huge fan of Asher, I rarely even choose to listen to his music as it is, but I am a huge fan of his lyrical maturation, and of the direction his been taking with his music in general, outside of the limelight. He really is an example for rappers who have achieved a bit of success just to be pushed out of the mainstream by the standard players, rework your game, study up, sound a bit more intelligent, and a bit more talented, and maybe people will appreciate you as a musician instead of a dollar sign. So I recently discovered Rawth, a free mixtape put together by Asher Roth and producer/rapper Nottz. Nottz has done work for a few well-known names in rap, including Busta Rhyme’s earlier work.  He is a talented artist who deserves much more attention; the beats he produces are unique and imaginative. Now, despite the name I actually don’t think Roth stands out on this mixtape, I just wanted to point out my continued appreciation for the musical direction he is taking. Although the decision to team up with Nottz was commendable and produced a great mixtape, his flow is pretty typical, and his lyrics haven’t moved forward much. At times his flow sounds even robotic, but enough hatin’, in the end he had something to contribute and was able to add something good to this mixtape, adding to it instead of taking away from it like some other artists would. Nottz is like Kanye in this mixtape, lyrically not to advanced, although I do think for the most part he sounds on par with or better then Roth. What stands out are his instrumentals, unique, wonderful, and well put together. This mixtape is a great listen, and its free, so why not?

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