>Kayne & Jay-Z Release First Single


The first single off Jay-Z and Kanye’s upcoming album has dropped today as promised. Kanye has gone totally insane production-wise, but insane isn’t always bad. He’s creating, not copying, and it might just be something significant. I feel like this is the kind of song that is going to take a few listens for me to really get down and make a solid decision on, because there is way to much in these 4 and a half minutes to judge it off a single listen. I have to say though, after first listen. I’m a fan. Kanye has never been a lyrical expert, but his production has evolved into something else altogether, off the genre map practically. Then there’s Jay-Z, through the ups and downs of his career he his lyrical mastery has been for the most part, precise with a touch of urban poetic. These guys aren’t messing around with this album, this is no joke.

Listen to H.A.M. – Kanye West & Jay-Z Here

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