>Picking Daisies


I was reading my school’s music publication and saw two mentions of Brand New, one small write-up about Soco Amaretto Lime being a great nostalgic drunk song, and one little blurb in a predictions for 2011 section, which said that Brand New would release “another horrible album” or something to that affect. The first time I heard Dasiy, I’ll admit, I wasn’t impressed. It was a bit of a departure from The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me, my personal favorite Brand New album. The heavy sounds and screams of Vices right in the beginning turned me off, I was confused and unsure about where Brand New had gone with their music. I shunned the album for a bit, but it has been long enough for me to look back at my musical mistakes and accept Daisy. A while ago, I gave Daisy another try and it really isn’t as bad as some people think it is. Don’t denounce it because after one listen you decided the departure was too major, or the sound wasn’t pop enough, or they left their softer sound, or they’re trying to be to introspective or whatever. Think of it outside the stigma that a Brand New album carries, as just another collection of music and listen and it actually is a very good album. It is yet another successful chapter in the story of Brand New.

As I listen to the album yet again, I have to say I find it to be just as amazing as any other Brand New album. They are a band of constant evolution, which may be hard for some people to accept, some people who like one constant, monotonous stream of music from their preferred artists. That’s not Brand New, Brand New is on a list of a rare collection of musicians who are in a constant state of evolution, bands such as Incubus who has gone from funk-rap, to metal, to jazz-fusion overtones, and mainstream rock. Brand New has outgrown the pop-punk they did so well in the past, slowly carving out a niche for themselves in the musical universe. Nothing is ever certain as far as releases go, but I am excited for Brand New’s next release and I promise to give it a better chance then I gave Daisy at first. 

You Stole – Brand New, my personal favorite song on Daisy. 

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