Rage Against the Machine, a band I grew up listening to. 
I sat in the cold and gray platform where the commuter rail trains of Back Bay station come and go staring at the wall and the trash littered against the walls this morning. With remnants of last night’s Brand New post still in the back of my head, and no iPod (for some reason mine has given up, and decided to stop charging altogether) I resorted to creating a Brand New station on my Pandora app on my phone. It brought about this instant wave of nostalgia that I couldn’t kick, nor did I really want to get rid of the feeling, at times you may look back at your past music as immature, but you did listen to it at one point. There has to be some reason you attached yourself to the sounds coming from the earbuds of your CD player or first generation iPod. The nostalgic wave of music that came through on that radio station really brought me back, and I decided look back on the past with a sense of fondness and embrace the older corners of my music library. Here’s a quick playlist containing some old favorites of mine, that might bring you back as well…
Cute Without the E (Cut from the Team) – Taking Back Sunday

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