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I was typing up this long post on Fresh Espresso, and of course while trying to put in a music player for the first time, it all got erased. I don’t know how I managed that but whatever. So anyway, Fresh Espresso. P-Smoov, an amazing producer, someone everyone should know about but I’m sure not many people actually do. His extensive sample library rests pretty comfortably from the 60’s to the 80’s, with strong techno, glam, arena, and psychedelic influences. Probably the backbone of this group, Smoov creates the sort of listening pleasure you rarely find in rap music. Something completely new, completely fresh, and enticing. Rik Rude’s vocals compliment Smoov’s production and his beats wonderfully. While Smoov seems to stand out as the architect behind Fresh Espresso, he couldn’t have teamed up with a better vocalist. I’m not sure how many vocalists would actually get what Smoov’s doing as well as Rik Rude does.

                                                  Lazer Beams (Live) – Fresh Espresso

The Seattle based rap group takes the glam rock attitude of years ago and reapplies it with raver style and hip-hop foundations. While that may seem like a daunting task they pull it off to near perfection at times. Diamond Pistols and Lazer Beams are necessary tracks, while Vader Rap is strange, fun and catchy and worth a listen as well.

Laser Beams – Fresh Espresso

All Around the World – Fresh Espresso

Diamond Pistols – Fresh Espresso

Vader Rap – Fresh Espresso 

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