>Akron, Ohio


How could you deny the powerful and driving rhythm section of the Black Keys. Could you deny that Brothers was the best album of 2010? Well you could argue that it wasn’t…but I’d surely argue against you. Either way the Black Keys are one of the most refreshing and revitalizing groups in the musical spectrum. I’ve seen them get compared to the White Stripes alot, and yeah, okay, I understand where those people are coming from but there is one huge difference. The Black Keys, despite the name and number-of-members similarities, take what the White Stripes do, and make it more raw, more to the point. They water down all the extras the White Stripes throw on and you get a pure bluesy rock sound, infused with soul and some funk, but pure nonetheless. When any song from the Black Keys comes on, there’s really just two words that come to my head, “oh, fuck.” Speechless and lost and in the drowning distortion and blues tinged riffs of their heavy rock and velvety soul.

Never Give You Up – Black Keys

                                             A powerful example of their softer music. I’ve always thought the heavily distorted guitar riffs which pop up occasionally throughout the song were the bands attempt at horns. One of my favorite Black Keys songs by far though.

The Black Key’s latest single, Ohio
Psychotic Girl – Black Keys
Just one more, another favorite of mine. Wow, I just don’t know how anyone could resist this song, well any of their songs for that matter. 

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