Drake’s Blunder

Say what you will about Drake as a rapper, but damn it, the boy can sing a mean love song.  I don’t know if he gets it from his acting experience, but his voice just seems to emote so effortlessly on every slow jam he releases.  I actually prefer his breakout mixtape “So Far Gone,” which is mostly R&B songs set to a heartbeat-beat, over his latest commercial album “Thank Me Later” for just that reason.  Let’s face it rap fans – the slow love song is Drake’s forte.  So of course, when I heard a leaked version of the song “Fall For Your Type” [prod. by 40], I instantly fell in love with the familiar beat and Drake’s crooning.  “Fall For Your Type” is a song that young people can relate to because we’ve all had at least some experience with relationships, yet we’re still stubborn (or stupid) enough to make the same mistakes. Talking to myself but I never listen/’cause man it’s been a while, and I swear that this one’s different. It’s about knowing who is bad for you, but at the same time falling powerless under their spell.  I couldn’t wait until the full track was released, but then THIS happened and I let out a prolonged “Nooo!”

Fall For Your Type ft. Drake – Jamie Foxx

DRAKE GAVE THE SONG AWAY!  TO JAMIE FOXX!  I mean, I don’t understand why Drake would give the song to anyone anyways, but to Jamie Foxx?  The dude is 43, or something.  I feel politically incorrect even referring to him as a “dude.”  He’s just too old for the song to sound believable.  Remember when I said “Fall For Your Type” is a song young people can relate to?  Well, it’s just not believable that a man in his 40s is struggling with relationship issues that are obviously way below his maturity level (on second thought…).  The song is just more age appropriate for Drake, and not to hate on Foxx, but Drake sounds better on the song, too.  So tell me what you think.  Who did it best?

By Courtney Flynn

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