Datpiff.com and Young Roc

The free mixtape site DatPiff.com is a Wikipedia of sorts.  It’s constantly being edited by its own users, who are zealots for quality hip-hop.  If a mixtape is trash, they’ll be sure to voice their opinion.  That’s why I can always trust DatPiff to put me on to the best new stuff, and 11:11 (Playerway & Gold) by Young Roc is no exception.  I’ll admit I had my doubts when I first saw the mixtape’s 30 tracks, because let’s be honest, there aren’t many rappers who can carry an album of that length.  However, I was pleasantly surprised by the musical ear-gasm 11:11 brings.  The crisp beats and sample selections are just a couple indicators of the tape’s masterful production, the majority of which was done by Young Roc himself.  As far as lyrical content goes, there’s nothing new to see here, just the money, hoes and clothes.  On the other hand, no one can deny the honest, raw style that Young Roc brings to each track, or his relaxed flow, which is similar to Wiz Khalifa’s (listen to “The Feeling”).   Overall, 11:11 (Playerway & Gold) is a solid, lighthearted mixtape that will keep me going through the winter.  I just wish they had shortened it to only the best songs.  Notable tracks are “Make A Wish,” “Rambunctious,” “Reptilian Resistance,” and “You Are Not Alone” [prod. by Sango].

Make a Wish – Young Roc
By Courtney Flynn

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