>Plays Like Explosions and Reads like Speed-Ridden Drunk Beat Poet


My first post on this experimental music blog of mine, which I have decided to start due to my love of all forms of my music and my enthusiastic obsession with sharing it all. Tonight I decided to share with you a great song from Mumford & Sons, the London based folk quartet, consisting of Marcus Mumford, Ben Lovett, Winston Marshall and Ted Dwane. Its an adventurous song closing in a almost five minutes, building up in a baroque fashion to a climax that hits with atomic force, bursting into colorful instrumentation and the strained voice of Mumford rising desperately over it all. I’ve tended to find that most people have interpreted the powerful lyrics as spiritual. Whatever the meaning, the imagery is astoundingly powerful. You can feel the rain falling as he sings “rain down on me” and feel the necrophobic tingles running up your spine as he sings of the dead coming in droves (yeah, I made up necrophobic, I don’t know the real word for what I’m trying to say, but hey, it works.) Thistles & Weeds is an overall atmospheric tour de force of British folk that should be buried within everyone’s iTunes library. True proof that Mumford & Sons are a group to be taken seriously amongst the immense pools of talent rising from the further corners of the aural universe.

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