>Lil Wayne Outdone on his Own Track


Weezy recently dropped his new single off the next in line in his Carter series, 6’7″ ft. Cory Gunz. Despite the hype surrounding him since he burst on to the mainstream, I do not think he is the greatest rapper in the world, I do not think he is in the top 10 living rappers in the world, or the top 20, or 30. While he has released a few great songs in the past [personally, I could listen to Brand New and Shooter all day], the Carter III was definition sell out. The completely repetitive and unoriginal Lollipop and Amillie, wrapped in that attractive, intriguing, unique and strange Lil Wayne picture in order to appear otherwise, were both typical mainstream rap, with no part of them standing out besides the personality behind them. Lil Wayne is proof that the contemporary industry isn’t built on talent, it’s built on image. It’d be better for him talent wise, and better for the industry, if he had stayed where he was and not released the Carter III at all. I don’t want to spend this entire post ripping on Weezy though, because he does have the ability to drop a shockingly good verse, even song, every now and then. 6′”7 is not one of those songs, but its not bad. The beat is reminiscent of Amillie in its repetitive structure, although its a bit more catchy and easy to handle. The military-esque snare roll carries the beat, as well as the vocals pretty well. I feel like he was trying to borrow from the more underground electronic artists coming out in the past few years by littering his chorus in this song with short sound clips instead of a typical chorus. It doesn’t work well. One thing does stand out though. I heard from a friend Lil Wayne removed Cory Gunz from Amillie because Cory Gunz had simply outshone Weezy on the song. 6’7″ most likely will be reaching the general public, and this time, Cory Gunz has the chance to prove that many rappers, possibly himself included, are better then Lil Wayne, on Lil Wayne’s on song. at almost three minutes, his verse takes every word that had dropped from Weezy’s mouth in the previous three minutes and beats them down like GSP on Betty White. The bottom line, download this song, not because Lil Wayne’s name is attached, but because he allowed Cory Gunz’s vocal talent to be attached as well.

6’7″ ft. Cory Gunz-Lil Wayne

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